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Dolly and Jib Rental in KC


You might not realize it, but chances are some of your favorite movie scenes would not be possible without a specific piece of equipment used on set. Or rather, two specific pieces of equipment—the dolly and jib.

Filmmakers use these two pieces of equipment to create specific types of shots, usually ones involving movement. Dollies are the method by which filmmakers move their expensive camera equipment around, which allows them to perform tracking and movement-based shots. Lights On specifically rents out Fisher brand dollies. Many famous and beloved scenes from movies owe their existence to these dollies. Camera jibs, on the other hand, are the method by which one records panning and rotating shots in a 360 degree radius. They also provide overhead and upper angle shots.

Adding these types of shots to your film can give it an extra cinematic feel; however, to accomplish this, you’ll need to obtain the proper equipment. Thankfully, Lights On provides dolly and jib rental services in Kansas City.


Lights On Kansas City offers Academy Award® winning Fisher camera dollies.


Lights On inventory includes Fisher Model 10 and 11 camera dollies. These quiet, smooth, maneuverable dollies meet the demanding production needs of the motion picture and television industries. They are dependable, low-maintenance dollies with a wide variety of accessories. They save time and are very versatile. A complete accessory package is included in the rental rates. When you rent dollies and jibs in Kansas City, we include a complete accessory package in the rental rates.

You can rent our dolly and jib rental equipment on an individual basis. It is available to you at 1:00 p.m. on the day preceding your shoot with the option of returning the equipment by 10:00 a.m. the day following your shoot at no additional charge (subject to equipment availability). On seven consecutive rental days, we have discounted our rental rates to be equivalent to 3 times the daily rates.

Delivery and pick-up services are available as well as after-hour pick-up and drop-off facilities. 


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