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1-Ton Grip Truck Rental in KC

1 Ton Grip Truck Rental Kanas City

1 Ton Packages:

Lights ordered with any package include stands.

Additional equipment can be added per your request.

Lights On supplies each grip truck with a complete
Expendables Package. Expendables are billed on a usage basis.

Sometimes, the 3- and 5-ton grip truck levels can be a bit more than you need for a shoot. In those cases, we offer the more reasonable 1-ton grip truck rental package in Kansas City. These trucks still carry plenty of equipment but come with a cheaper price tag. These trucks are great for carrying lighter loads—clients use this option when they don’t require the amount of equipment provided by our 3- and 5-ton trucks. Our 1-ton grip truck rentals can help you close out a successful shoot with ease. Get in touch with Lights On today to find out the availability of our 1-ton grip truck.

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