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Lights On Minneapolis

After 37 years in business, Dave & Denny have decided to sell Lights On Minneapolis. The assets of the company are being jointly purchased by Red Star Pictures of Madison, WI & Cinequipt of Minneapolis. All of us at Lights On Minneapolis would like to thank all of our great customers and friends that we have made over the years!!

For current Lights On Minneapolis customers, Cinequipt will strive to provide you with the same quality gear, exceptional customer service and attention to detail that Lights On Minneapolis and their crew have always provided, backed up by the deep lighting & grip inventory of Red Star Pictures:

To contact Cinequipt, please follow this link: or call 612-627-9080.

Some of the surplus equipment will be sold at auction in Minneapolis starting November 2nd. Watch your inbox for further details or keep an eye on the Red Star Pictures web site.

If you need to contact Lights On Minneapolis to close out an account please email: or call 612-331-6620 to leave message.

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