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5 Ton Tungsten Lighting Package

Daily Rate: $850.00 (+MILEAGE)

For an additional $200 over our 5 Ton GES Package, you get unlimited usage of the Grip Support Package, the Electrical and Support Package and the following Tungsten Lighting Package:

2  Lighting carts 
1   10,000W Baby Tener Solarspot 
2   5,000W Baby Senior Solarspot 
4   5,850W Nine Lights (Wide Beam) 
4   2,000W 8" Junior Solarspots (2 snoot sets) 
4   1,000W Baby Solarspots (2 snoot sets) 
2   650W Tweenie Mole Solarspots (2 snoot sets) 
4   200W Midget Solarspots (3 snoot sets) 
2   2,000W Mighty Moles 
2   1,000W Mickey Moles 
2    2,000W Nook Lights 
2   1,000W Nook Lights 
4   750W Lowel Tota Lights
2   2,000W Baby Soft Lights 
2   750W Baby Soft Lights
1   5 light practical kit

• All Lights include standard accessories.